Andera is a large region of mostly flat plains, bordered in the north by a mountain range and dominated by the river that snakes down from the heights and ends in a large lake to the southwest of the area. Towards the center of the land lies the capital city, named after the region itself. Andera is a large walled town, home to many people and containing the King’s Palace as well as the largest Academy of fighting and magic to be found here or in any of the neighboring lands. In the autumn of each year, just after the harvest, the city of Andera holds its annual Fair. The Fair at Andera is the largest event in the region and it draws people from miles around. Games and dancing abound, as well as a large and prosperous trade from the many merchants that gather for the event. As the Academy of Andera has its graduation at this time as well, those seeking to hire the newly-graduated fighters, sorcerers or wizards gather in a special area of the Fair called the Seeker’s Row.

You are attending the Fair at Andera, whether for pleasure, to find work or just because you were passing through the area at the time.


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